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  1. I loved this book (and your reviews, for the record!). I read it a few years ago when my dad had terminal cancer, and part of the draw was reading about how people deal with cancer, both as a patient and as someone who loves the patient. I loved that the book had flawed protagonists who both behaved badly and who didn’t always suffer nobly, to say the least! It is a beautiful, heartbreaking book without a traditional happy ending…just like real life sometimes. Have you read The Unwinding of the Miracle? Similarly gut-wrenching (maybe even more so as it’s a memoir) but so, so striking and ultimately affirming.

  2. Hmm I’ve never heard of that book no. But your point about ‘suffering nobly’ is such an important one-who actually suffers nobly? Probably no one! Being sick makes everyone cranky, so I liked how realistic this book was.

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