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  1. Hmm I never thought as Burroughs as being a common name bc I’m not so familiar with those writers…are they american?

    I don’t typically dress up but my oldest does,she’s being Elsa from frozen :) I do love Halloween decorations though-so fun!!! What about you guys? Do you hand out candy?

  2. At our apartment complex, kids aren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating. I think it’s because the main door is locked and they don’t want kids buzzing everyone’s houses. You can really tell which buzzer goes with which apartment, so the old leave-on-the-lights-to-let-them-know-you’re-home trick wouldn’t work.

    The Burroughs I listed are indeed American. One is known for creating Tarzan of the Apes and the other for making drug culture accessible, like a pre-cursor to Irvine Welsh.

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