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  1. This sounds like one for me. That kind of direct voice always draws me in.

    For anyone else who’s also interested, Invisible’s books are not likely on the shelves of bookshops outside Canada, but they do have an online store and they’ve got epubs for sale too.

    And for you, Anne, have you read Carla Gunn’s Amphibian? It was longlisted for Canada Reads not too long ago…another small-press gem. Perhaps slightly gentler than this one? Very funny and moving.

  2. I havent! But I’ve certainly heard of her. And good point re: invisible publishing!

  3. I requested this from the library several weeks ago (still not here yet, but on its way!) simply because of the title and cover – it just looked like a book I would like. So I’m glad to hear you recommend it! :)

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