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  1. You can count on me for a workplace novel, let alone a publishing-related one, so I was expecting to enjoy this one. But, as you say, there’s more to it (I’m so glad you didn’t spoil even the tiniest bit). This one moved slowly for me, but not in a bad way, and I knew that I should return my copy to the library when the duedate rolled around, but I had to know what happened so I hung onto it to finish!

  2. do you guys still have late dues at the TPL? They eliminated them here in Calgary and it sounds like many other library systems are following suit…

  3. There haven’t been fines since March 2020, and they’ve eliminated the quarantine periods now, too, so hold lists are moving much more quickly again. Are you a library patron? I thought your reading was mainly via publicity copies?

  4. I don’t use our library often, but I sort of work and stay on top of what’s happening with CPL because I was one of their reading influencers, plus my company Calgary Reads works with them. Also, my really good friend is the marketing director for them, so I’ve got lots of ties :)

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