Alexander McCall Smith is just one of those guys-he’s super nice in person (yes, I’ve spent one-on-one time with him, and he wore a kilt!), he writes wonderful books, and he’s super prolific, even though he’s a millionaire and no longer needs to work. What’s not to love? The premise of this book didn’t even interest me at first because historical fiction is never at the top of my list, but of course I ended up enjoying it, because it’s AMS y’all, he knows what he’s doing. My video review of The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse basically reiterates my enjoyment of this book, and of course includes a Smokey update for those who are interested in her mental state after Pearl had to be put to sleep a few months ago.

Am I eager to read the other AMS book on my shelf? Of course I am. Am I also horrified and a bit embarrassed that Smokey is flourishing after the death of her sister? You betcha. All that and more is included in my latest video book review for your viewing pleasure.

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