Ok I know what you’re thinking; “when is Anne going to shut up about Wordfest? She’s been spamming my feed for weeks now about this stuff!” The answer is next week, because that’s when Wordfest is over, but for now, I’m revelling in my favourite week of the year when a hundred plus authors converge on the city of Calgary for a full week of readings, book launches and interviews!

The enthusiasm of this cat is an accurate representation of how excited I am for Wordfest

To help spread the love, I chose two books in particular that I think are ‘must reads’ of the festival, and they also show the amazing breadth of writing that’s on display at Wordfest. First is my girl Elizabeth Hay with a stunning memoir about taking care of her aging parents called All Things Consoled. She truly is a ‘writers’s writer’ and her way with words is spectacular. And for those looking for a chilling October read, A Killer Harvest by Paul Cleave is the way to go; lots of gore, a bit of spookiness and tons of fun. You can listen to my full segment here!

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