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  1. Your last paragraph gives me hope!!!! Thank you for that. :)

    I loved the photos too-I wish every non-fiction book had photos hahah

  2. Sigh, I suspected as much, but I’m so sad to see it confirmed-I was really hoping this pandemic would turn things around for the globe. The UK is doing some fabulous work and that gives me hope! :)

  3. Books like this totally depress me yet interest me at the same time. I also always wonder which ones are the ones I should read, and which ones are just the same old thing. This sounds like a good one!

    I also wonder what will happen after the pandemic. I would like to think people will be more thoughtful about what they do, but I’m probably wrong.

  4. I’m hopeful that people will be more thoughtful too, or realize they can vacation in their own country, or just…slow down a bit I suppose

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