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  1. So confused by the idea that Kenney and Ford weren’t lock-step, I checked into it; it’s a federal holiday nationally, but both AB and ON opted out (with SK and NB and QC) so companies and org’s can make their own decisions.

    I found it interesting to read your thoughts on how consumerism fits with Noopiming but it doesn’t fit with my memory of LBS’s book…maybe because it’s been about a year since I read it, or maybe because her style invites a lot of different topics for readers to contemplate? And roots itself in lots of big ideas.

    Unsure whether I follow your position, so I’ll just try to be clearer about my comment, especially cuz not everyone reading will know the background It’s ironic that non-indigenous-owned companies produced Ts for profit, to mark this day, given that the day is supposed to urge us towards reciprocal (i.e. not exploitative, profit-driven) relationships. It’s ironic that social justice groups often source goods, like Ts, to raise awareness about injustice, from companies that rely on enslaved labour. *cue Alanis soundtrack*

  2. I’m still hoping to read this. I’m intrigued by the fact that one on the characters is a tree!
    I get what you mean when you describe reading this book… It’s often how I feel when I read poetry. :)

  3. Oh yes, I totally agree with you re: the tshirt thing. I’m simply trying to buy less than I used to as well, which is difficult with young kids, but it’s a good goal to keep working towards. Buying less, and buying ethically, I should say.

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