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  1. PLEASE don’t start with Anxious People! Start with Beartown. Anxious People is written in a completely different style. My sister hated it and because of that she wasn’t going to read any of the Beartown series.
    But then I reminded her that she had loved his other book, A Man Called Ove, so she finally relented and read them all. A Man Called Ove.was the first book I read of his which I liked very much but not everyone in my Book Club liked it. But the Beartown series of books is in a class by themselves. LOVED them all!! Loved the writing, loved the character development, loved the story…and I’m not even a hockey fan.

  2. Totally no interest in hockey, zero! But this series is amazing. His writing is brilliant. I have read all of his books. If he wrote a book about a bubble it would probably be amazing.

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