Are you experiencing thriller overload yet? There are so many dang suspense novels on my shelf right now, I’m almost getting sick of them. ALMOST. But every time I find one that I love, I want to shout from the rooftops because there is nothing better than reading a great mystery/suspense/thriller in the summertime. Which leads me to my next radio segment; the thrillah. Click here to listen to the recording. 

I just copied and pasted this from the googles, hopefully that’s ok

I feel like I laughed a lot in this segment, which is weird because I talked about murder most of the time. I reviewed The Trophy Child by Paula Daly and The Substitute by Nicole Lundrigan. And as many of you now know, The Substitute is my book club pick for July, and I feel like I’ve brought this fact up enough to ensure that everyone who lives in Calgary should have their tickets by now. I might mention it again next time I’m on the radio JUST IN CASE.

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