So I shot this video on vacation in a rental home, therefore the lighting is terrible and the sound is echo-ey. My bad.

One lucky bookworm..

Oh, and Smokey isn’t with me, because my husband draws the line at taking our cats on vacation with us (sigh). I’m reviewing Terry Fallis’s latest book One Brother Shy, which I really enjoyed. Hell, I like all his books, even though they’re all very similar. I put down his books feeling better than when I picked them up, plus they’re really funny so in my mind that means I’ve had a successful reading experience. Terry’s also a wonderful guy, very active on social media, a publicist’s dream to say the least so I feel good about spreading the word near and far about his books. They also make great gifts, you can give one to your Grandma and not feel weird about it, but your sister or her teenage daughter may also like his writing, all his titles are very universal. There’s so much to love, but if you don’t like endings that come together in a neat little package this book (and his others) may irritate you. If you don’t mind suspending your disbelief for a couple hundred pages, you will enjoy his latest, I promise.

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