I’m getting into the festive Halloween spirit here by reviewing a ‘spooky’ book by Craig Davidson: The Saturday Night Ghost Club. Notice the extra effort I’ve put into this video-I included Halloween decorations on my bookshelf! That’s about as crafty as I get unfortunately, but nonetheless here it is.

I should have mentioned that this book has been shortlisted for the Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize for 2018-the winner will be announced November 7, so we will see how this one fares against other heavyweights such as Esi Edugyan’s Washington Black. As you can tell by my review above, I was really impressed with this novel, so I’ve got my fingers crossed Davidson ekes across the finish line with it.

Side note to other booktubers-what is with my focus on this video? Is there some special setting on my camera that I’m missing? I hate that every time I move the camera it re-focuses, but if I don’t keep the lense on autofocus everything is blurry. Thoughts or suggestions welcome!

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