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  1. Ok update on Dawn: she has been found with her son, she took him across the border into Oregon City, and is now in jail for faking her own death. She was likely fleeing domestic violence at her home, but no charges have been laid against her ex husband. At least she is safe? But has a long legal battle ahead of her, sadly.

  2. Oh, wow! I found a link and shared it on your most recent review (maybe I should read my comments before posting on new reviews, lol), but I didn’t see the part about escaping domestic violence. That’s terrifying! It looks like she didn’t even tell her parents, which suggests how scared she must have been if she was fleeing. I wonder what happened to her son. In the U.S., he would have been placed temporarily into foster care, to my understanding, until someone could come get him if his mother were in jail and no other family member was around.

  3. I think her son has been returned to Canada to stay with a guardian, but does that mean his father? Who it sounds like Dawn was fleeing from? So many questions, I just hope she is supported…

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