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  1. Talking about the Climate Crisis is so hard because on the one hand, I try to make it personal, such as pointing out to my dad that he and his friends and have to go further and further into northern Michigan every year to find a place to snowmobile. But then we’ll have 3 feet of snow, and he thinks, “Ah ha! See! It IS just part of a cycle!” On the other hand, I do as much as I can without feeling overwhelmed to prevent waste and production, by reducing and reusing (and now recycling because my county has decided recycling is a good thing). I don’t buy new clothes, for example. But I’m not panicked (which is surprising) because literally, what else can I do?? That whole no trees thing might be a problem.

  2. We have widespread recyling here in Canada, which is why I always find it shocking to go down to places in the US where people still throw out bottles. It makes me cringe, but what are people supposed to do if the facilities don’t exist right? And most places around the world don’t recycle, but it’s good that things are improving.

    And not buying new clothes is SUCH a good thing for the environment, the fashion industry is very polluting. I’ve really begun loving shopping consignment, we are lucky to have lots of fun used clothing shops here in Calgary but its easier when you live in an urban area for sure.

  3. I’m not sure why, but the Goodwill store near my house has nice brands and (sometimes) new clothes with the tags still on. It’s weird because it’s fairly close to a low-income housing area.

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