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  1. I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this one so I’m glad you liked it. The Fergusons are coming to the Writers Fest here next month.

  2. Picked it up on spec, not expecting the book to result in a hilariously witty, well crafted portrait of a small town, a great “cast” of characters, literally and figuratively, a spoof with more twists and turns that leaves one guessing, a whodunit to the very end. Sly, fun, smart. Home grown authors who I imagine had the fun of compiling this as much as this reader had reading it. Very creative, a maze of possible, credible suspects. On par with the wit and gentle satire of Stephen Leacock. I’d love to see a sequel. Read it and weep with laughter, at the very least a chance for multiple guffaws and grins, in appreciation of how this book reveals the plot. A delight. Deserves to pick up global interest.

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