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  1. Oh this does sound interesting and thoughtful! So disappointing that her former partner was a therapist and did all those awful things. I would hope that therapists would be better than that! Ha ha. But this sounds like something I’d like.

  2. I remember feeling so disappointed by that too. Like therapists are supposed to be good trustworthy people who won’t emotionally damage others right?

  3. I appreciate that you conclude by stating that the author’s memoir is not one of resilience. In fact, I often feel worse when a memoir stops when the writer has hit a point in life during which they are on the rise. Many times, I catch myself sounding like I’m in recovery when I say, “One day at a time.” That’s truly how I take life because if I think further ahead, I will just have anxiety (which results in rashes, high blood pressure, poor sleep, stomach and digestion issues, twitchy eyes, etc. etc. etc.). My worst nightmare is when I do an interview and get asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years.” Ugh, just bury me now.

  4. The structure of this book sounds interesting! I read that one essay you quoted from… I think it was in Black Writers Matter… a real eye-opener.

  5. I think that’s really honest Melanie, and we all feel that way, just no one wants to admit it. We aren’t all resilient, and we don’t all need to be. We really just need to live our life as best as we can, and that looks different for everyone! Personally, I think our ultimate goal should simply being kind to one another, and what wonderful world we would live in if we all strove towards that instead :)

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