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  1. I’m finding a lot of essays by funny people are much better in audio format. I know I would have hated The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish if I had read it, and probably would have judged her harshly for sounding…well, unpolished? Even juvenile? But the audiobook, read by her, sounds so much like her, and punches in all the right places. I’m aware some authors don’t sound as good reading their own work (Samantha Irby reads at a steady pace, but her writing reads punchy to me, for instance), but if the person has their own style of speaking, they should totally read their book for the audio version.

  2. I like those asides (especially in footnotes, as soon as I see a footnote now, I just start laughing LOL). But I think I’ve read enough stories of young privileged women acknowledging that they don’t have any real reason to whine about their lives while proceeding to accept that book contract to whine about their lives–nothing at all against this book, as if it had been the first of the genre I’d read, then I’m sure I’d’ve loved it too, I’ve just read a lot of them by now.

  3. Oh I bet this book would be PERFECT in audio! I think Samantha Irby’s writing reads so well too, she doesn’t need to be in audio to be funny :)

  4. Plus she didn’t include too many footnotes/asides, which made it much more readable. If there’s one on every single page then I start to get annoyed. And I totally get the repetitiveness of this genre, there are many of these books (and no doubt more to come).

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