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  1. We have so many books in common and I appreciate the fact that we sometimes have different takes on characters or plotlines but often share general responses (well, except for the odd book *coughs in Lampedusa’s direction*). I’m in the camp of “let the kitty reign” in your logo. Maybe from a marketability perspective, you could get some stock silhouettes of cats if you would like a more generic element to reinforce the theme in the meantime, if it’s niggling you from that pov, but from a “just here to talk books” perspective, I think it’s a lovely little, quiet tribute that doesn’t require anything else. Good luck with your 2020 reading: it seems to be off to a great start! (Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Harold Johnson – I like his stuff a lot.)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad we were able to connect online too, having bookish friends makes reading that much more enjoyable :)

    People seem to all like the idea of me keeping the cat logo, and because it’s easier that way anyway, I’ll do just that!

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